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Issues with an IVC (inferior vena cava) filter  which a physician has placed to help strengthen weak or damaged tissue, may lead to many unwelcome side effects and complications. These IVC filter complications can drastically alter the patient’s quality of life.  A patient suffering from serious medical complications due to an inferior IVC filter product and/or placement will be afforded the ability to seek compensation for the following reasons:

  1. The filter has migrated from its original placement position.
  2. The filter did not prevent (or lessen the severity of) a pulmonary embolism.
  3. The filter is not removable due to migration.
  4. The filter has become fractured, broken, or otherwise come apart in some way- whether or not it has migrated from its original position.
  5. The filter perforated, punctured, or otherwise caused damage to the IVC or other blood vessels.
  6. The filter has malfunctioned or broken, causing damage to other organs such as the lungs, liver, heart, kidneys, etc.
  7. The patient has had to undergo further surgery to have a malfunctioning IVC hernias filter removed.

IVC Filter Lawsuit

“Inferior vena cava filters are commonly used to prevent pulmonary embolism in patients who manifest deep vein thrombosis and recurrent pulmonary embolism despite anticoagulation, or in patients with contraindications to anticoagulation. “

“The first bellwether trials over medical devices that are designed to prevent blood clots during surgery have failed to carve out a clear winner, with another trial set to begin next week. About 9,000 lawsuits allege that various types of inferior vena cava filters, or IVC filters, which doctors implant in patients, have perforated or fractured in their bodies, causing pain and leading to removal surgeries. Among the several device manufacturers listed in the lawsuits, C.R. Bard Inc. and Cook Medical Inc. face the largest number of cases, clocking in over 4,000 each.

1.2 million verdict in Texas

“So far, trials have failed to identify a clear victor. Cook won the first IVC filter trial last year, but it lost a $1.2 million verdict in Texas state court on May 24. Bard lost a $3.6 million verdict on March 30, but followed up with a defense win on June 1. Judges also have granted summary judgment motions in at least two key cases slated for trials. For these reasons and more, a patient can and should seek legal representation. IVC filters have had numerous warnings and recalls over the years. It comes as little to no surprise many patients are now facing the ramifications of faulty products and/or poor placement procedures. Though the pain and suffering can not be reversed with monetary compensation, the outcome of a lawsuit against the  manufacturers of the IVC and possibly against the medical professionals in charge of the patients’ care will deliver peace of mind in a most difficult time.”

IVC filter lawsuits and IVC filter law firms

Considering all this and more will greatly reduce the chances of a patient having a negative experience. Of course, complications will arise regardless of either the doctor’s or patient’s frugality in understanding the potential outcomes. If and when that happens, finding the best legal representation is imperative. Those who are left without legal recourse to obtain compensation for time lost from work and/or other major lifestyle alterations due to the procedure or complications therefrom will find themselves less able to function in their everyday lives and see an inevitable decline in their quality of life.

IVC filter lawyer

A licensed physician is not one typically one who is out to take advantage of unhealthy patients. Though invasive surgeries may be more commonplace today than they were even twenty or thirty years ago, and our technologies and understanding of the issues have grown exponentially, there will still be those instances where something doesn’t go according to plan. Rarer, though still a prevalent issue, the doctor or surgeon made the wrong call or bungled the procedure. In those cases, seeking immediate legal representation will greatly benefit the patient in the end.Whether you or a loved one has experienced pain and issues with their IVC hernia filter or are taking preventative measures before undergoing such a procedure, it will behoove the individual to keep in mind the serious risks and potential medical complications which can, and very well may, arise in the aftermath of the surgery.

For those patients who are suffering, there is hope for a return to your previous standard of living. Though the physical problems may never fully disappear, having the right legal team fighting for your patient rights can deliver one from a state of utter despair and hopelessness to one of seeing a brighter future on the horizon!  Victims are looking for IVC filter attorneys to file IVC filter lawsuits on their behalf. An IVC filter lawsuit will help the victim get justice and compensation for his or her complications.